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High Temperature Grease

Castrol High Temperature Grease is a high performance, multipurpose lithium complex grease developed using
an optimized combination of high quality mineral oil, proprietary thickener technology and a specially selected
additive system enabling reliable performance across a wide range of temperatures whilst exposed to a variety of
operational loads, speeds and environmental conditions.


Castrol High Temperature Grease is intended for use in a wide range of plain and rolling element bearings within
both the Automotive and Industrial markets, especially targeting those applications where upper operating
temperatures are likely to exceed the limits of conventional, lithium thickened greases.

The excellent thermal and mechanical stability of Castrol High Temperature Grease make it particularly suitable
for use in automotive bearing applications where rotational speeds may be higher or prolonged heavy braking
may generate higher than normal hub temperatures. Specific examples may include cars fitted with disc brakes or
commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses.

Castrol High Temperature Grease also offers good resistance to water and corrosion as well as very good
load carrying performance making it suitable for general vehicle chassis lubrication or bearings on off-road
construction vehicles where greater extremes of pressure may be prevalent.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Castrol-High-Temperature-Grease