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Castrol Hyspin AWS Range

Castrol Hyspin AWS oils are mineral oil based hydraulic fluids which are formulated to provide outstanding antiwear
performance and thermal stability using the very latest low zinc additive technology. They are intended for
use in all hydraulic systems over a wide operating and ambient temperature range.

Hydraulic systems and hydrostatic transmissions incorporating gear pumps, vane pumps, radial piston or axial
piston pumps and motors.

Castrol Hyspin AWS hydraulic fluids are available globally and combines excellent protection, extended drain
performance and versatility in Offshore operations to provide the following key benefits:-

  • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, giving longer life and minimal sludge a ‡‡ nd deposit formation
  • ‡‡ Excellent anti-wear performance to maximise component protection
  • ‡‡ Superior protection against corrosion
  • ‡‡ Excellent water separation
  • ‡‡ Outstanding filterability characteristics, both dry and wet, maximising filter life and minimising maintenance

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Castrol-Hyspin-AWS-Range