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Cyltech 50S

Cyltech 50S is a 50BN marine diesel engine cylinder lubricant for two-stroke crosshead engines based on the well proven
Cyltech technology. It is suitable for engines using low to moderate sulphur fuels.

Cyltech 50S is suitable for use in engines on prolonged operation using low-sulphur fuel (distillate or heavy fuel < 1.5% S). It is also suitable for use in engines operating on residual fuel with up to 3% sulphur for ship owners who, at their own discretion, wish to use a single cylinder oil when switching between low and medium sulphur fuels. It is also suitable for in-service running-in (distillate or heavy fuel), sea trials and test bed trials.

Features / Benefits

  • Excellent control of piston ring and cylinder liner wear. Superior detergency performance for engine cleanliness.
  • Ensures reduced deposits, especially calcium carbonate.
  • Higher safety margin against scuffing under prolonged operation on low-sulphur fuel.

Cyltech 50S meets the requirements of major engine builders for use under conditions as specified in their oil recommendation list.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Castrol Cyltech 50S