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Castrol Spheerol SX 2

Spheerol SX 2 is a true multipurpose ship machinery lubricant, specifically developed to provide enhanced lubrication andprotection for bearings, wire ropes and open gears usually found in marine environments.

Spheerol SX 2 is suitable for most journal bearings, wire ropes and open gears used in marine deck equipment and can
be considered for roller, ball and needle bearings generally used in engine room equipment.

In addition to the excellent protection provided for wire ropes and open gears, Spheerol SX 2 is also suitable for use on awide range of deck equipment where it will protect and lubricate hinges, turnbuckles, screws, fair leads etc.

For multipurpose applications a grease gun may be used with Spheerol SX 2. Alternatively traditional application methods
can be used for wire ropes and open gears. (Please see also “Additional Information”).

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Castrol Spheerol SX 2