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Castrol MHP Range

The MHP Range is a high performance lubricant formulated using the highest quality base oils and a unique balance of additives to offer both economic and operational benefits. MHP is available in both SAE 30 and 40 viscosity grades. MHP is specifically developed for use in modern highly rated marine and power generation four-stroke engines operating on distillate fuels.

Features / Benefits

MHP is designed to offer enhanced detergency, excellent thermal and oxidative stability and enhanced performance at high temperatures. This product also exhibits high load carrying capabilities and superior gear performance that enables it to be used as a common oil for both engine and transmission systems.

The superior performance of MHP leads to reduced cost of use through:
• Cleaner piston ring belts.
• Excellent engine cleanliness.
• Reduced maintenance and wear.
• Improved resistance to liner lacquering.
• Extended time between overhauls.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Castrol MHP Range