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Castrol Hyspin AWH-M Range

Hyspin AWH-M is a range of mineral oil based, anti-wear hydraulic fluids with high viscosity index.

Hyspin AWH-M grades are suitable for use in marine hydraulic power systems such as winches, deck cranes, steering gears, hatch cover and hydraulic valve systems. Hyspin AWH-M grades may also be used in certain marine
gearboxes and for turbocharger lubrication.


Hyspin AWH-M oils are high viscosity index (VI) multigrade hydraulic fluids. This allows a single grade of oil to be used in marine hydraulic systems which operate in different climate zones. A particular feature of Hyspin AWH-M grades is the use of VI improvers with a very high resistance to shear.

Hyspin AWH-M grades contain a highly effective zinc based antiwear additive, as demonstrated by the four ball wear, vane pump wear and FZG gear test results. To minimise the effects of water contamination Hyspin AWH-M grades have excellent water separability as measured by the severe ASTM D 1401 test.

Hyspin AWH-M grades also contain a highly effective corrosion inhibitor as demonstrated by the excellent result in the IP135B, (steel in sea water) corrosion test. Hyspin AWH-M grades fully meet the air release and anti foam
requirements of the major hydraulic fluid specifications. The oils also have excellent resistance to oxidation.
With the exception of silver plated components Hyspin AWH-M grades are fully compatible with all commonly used system metals and are compatible with most seal materials including Nitrile, Buna-N, Viton, EP & Silicone rubbers.

Hyspin AWH-M grades exceed the requirements on the DIN 51524 Pt.3 and Dennison HF-0 specifications. They also meet the
requirement of the Vickers vane pump test. (ASTM D2882).

Technical Data
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