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Castrol Coral 2

Coral 2 stern tube oil is designed to readily emulsify with seawater thus providing certain advantages over oils selected for demulsibility in a wet environment.
Firstly, oil/water emulsions provide a higher viscosity fluid than neat oils thus minimising oil loss or water ingress.
Secondly, by sustaining an oil/water emulsion, corrosion from separated seawater, which can occur in a statically loaded
stern tube bearing, is avoided.

This grade has given satisfactory service in stern tubes employing a wide variety of seals including Cedervall, Chuetsu-
Waukesha, and Simplex Compact Seals.
Coral 2 has other applications in the marine environment, including the use in fin stabilisers and propeller hubs.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Castrol Coral 2