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Castrol CDX 30

CDX 30 is a premium alkaline system lubricant suitable for use in the crankcase of low speed marine crosshead engines.CDX 30 is primarily designed for use in modern, highly rated marine crosshead type diesel engines, including the latest generation of “camless” or “intelligent” engines.

Features / Benefits

  • Good demulsibility, water tolerance and separation with regard to seawater and fresh water ingress.
  • Thermal stability and oxidation resistance are of particular importance with oil cooled pistons.
  • Anti rust properties
  • Load carrying properties (requirements when engine applications includes booster and power take-off systems).
  • Reserve alkalinity to combat acidic corrosive wear.
  • Detergents to maintain piston and crankcase cleanliness.
  • Excellent hydraulic oil properties when used in the operating systems of the latest “camless” or “intelligent”
  • engines.

Technical Data
Castrol CDX 30