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Wire Rope Oil 1911

Castrol Wire Rope Oil 1911 is a premium quality, bitumen free wire rope lubricant developed for use in open cast
and underground mining operations. The product is free of solvents, lead, barium, zinc and antimony.


  • Castrol Wire Rope Oil 1911 is suitable for the following applications:
  • Winder ropes.
  • Dragline hoists.
  • Drag ropes.
  • Shovel hoists.
  • Crowd ropes.
  • Crane hoist ropes.
  • The product is best applied by spray systems and the following should be noted:
  • Ensure that the system lubricant container is of adequate size so that the product is replenished frequently.
  • Ensure that all lubricant container covers are always kept closed.Daily checks of the system are to be carried out to ensure correct system operation.
  • Quantity sprayed should be adjusted as per requirements.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for wire-rope-oil