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Optigear® BM

OPTIGEAR® BM are solid-free high performance gear oils. Wear problems such as abrasion, surface fatigue
(pitting), grey staining or problems during the running-in phase are solved. Compatible with non-ferrous metals.
The additive combination MICROFLUX TR®A aNdSjusts itself to changing loads and actively prevents wear.
OPTIGEAR® BM gear oils are in conformity with and even exceed the requirements of DIN 51517 part 3 CLP.


  • Long-term lubrication under the most extreme mechanical conditions, vibrations and elevated temperatures.
  • Spur and bevel gears, worm gears up to the medium load range.
  • All types of rolling and sliding bearings.
  • Gear-tooth couplings and joints.
  • Highly loaded sliding surfaces.
  • Circulation systems.

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