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Molub-Alloy® 936 SF Heavy

CASTROL MOLUB-ALLO®Y 936 SF HEAVY is a uniquely compounded open gear lubricant developed specifically
for use on heavy-duty equipment in mining and industrial service. It forms a tough lubricating film on the friction
surfaces which is resistant to pressure and shock loads as well as unfavorable ambient conditions.
The structural integrity and strength of the lubricating film is particularly valuable in the critical process of running
in new gears because of the natural occurrence of high spots (asperities) in newly machined surfaces. The
lubricating film must separate the mating surfaces sufficiently to cushion the eect of the impact of asperities,
and thus minimize initial pitting which could lead to zprogressive and destructive pitting later.

  • A highly refined, viscous, paraffinic petroleum derivative is the foundation of a blended base fluid with excellentnatural chemical and thermal stability. CASTROL MOLUB-A®L 9LO36Y SF HEAVY is compounded to flow readily in the film-forming process, yet it resists “squeeze-out” and clings tenaciously even to gear teeth in vertical orientation.
  •  A proprietary blend of CASTROL MOLUB-AL® L lOuYbricating solids is included in particle sized suitable for open gears to promote antiwear properties.
  • Rust and oxidation inhibitors are included in the formulation to protect the equipment and the lubricating film against the elements in severe climates.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Molub-alloy-936