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Castrol Molub-Alloy® 860/220-2

CASTROL MOLUB-ALLO®Y 860/220-2 greases are designed to extend the service life of rolling and sliding
bearings subjected to heavy loads and to elevated temperatures. CASTROL MOLU®B -8A6L0L OgrYeases are
intended to provide a stable oil film for applications at lower speeds, higher loads, and/or higher temperatures
sustained for longer periods of time.

  • CASTROL MOLUB-ALLO® Y 860/220-2 greases feature a lithium-complex soap as thickener and a mineral paraffinbase oil.
  • Corrosion inhibitors and anti-oxidant agents have been added to the base oil.
  • EP additives and solid lubricants evenly distributed in the grease increase the load carrying capacity and wear protection.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Molub-Alloy® 860/220-2