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Castrol Klenzitall

Castrol Klenzitall is a non-flash highly concentrated alkaline cleaning compound specifically formulated for
removal of soils encountered in the mining, automotive and industrial engineering markets.

Castrol Klenzitall can be used by the following methods:
Steam and pressure cleaning: 20% Castrol Klenzitall mixed with water makes and excellent steam cleaner and
pressure gun solution.
Soak, spray brush: 50% Castrol Klenzitall with water is suitable for soak, spray and brush applications.
Mechanical scrubbing equipment: Castrol Klenzitall can be used at 5% to 10% for floor cleaning, dependant on
degree of soiling.
Interior surfaces: Castrol Klenzitall diluted at 10% with water is ideal for cleaning control rooms, trackless mining,
earthmoving equipment and motor vehicle interiors, including vinyl. Clean with a cloth or sponge, soaked in
Castrol Klenzitall solution and then wipe o with a damp cloth.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Klenzitall