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Castrol Hyspin AWH-M 15, 32..

Castrol Hyspin AWH-M is a range of high-quality mineral oils with a high viscosity index (VI), designed for
operation over a wide temperature range with minimum variations in viscosity. The Castrol Hyspin AWH-M range
contains anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-foam and anti-corrosion additives. This range is graded according to the
ISO viscosity classifications.
Castrol Hyspin AWH-M is ideal for use in hydraulic systems that are sensitive to variations in the fluid viscosity,
due to fluctuations in operating temperatures. Typical applications would be:

  • Outdoor machinery and plant
  • Precision machine tools
  • Copying machines
  • Numerically controlled machine tools.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for hyspin-awh-m-15