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Castrol Aircol SN 100

Castrol Aircol SN 100 is blended from synthetic diester oils, which have been formulated to meet the exacting
requirements of modern air compressors. Castrol Aircol SN 100 is specially developed to give superior oxidation
stability, minimal carbon build-up and extended valve life.

  • Castrol Aircol SN 100 is recommended for use in rotary screw and vane type air compressors, but is e specially useful for single and multi-stage reciprocating air compressors, according to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Castrol Aircol SN 100 may also be recommended for hydraulics, pump bearings, circulating and oil mist systems where extremely high temperatures are experienced (above 100°C).
  • Castrol Aircol SN 100 provide exceptional resistance to degradation at high temperatures, ensuring longer service life.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for Aircol SN 100