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Phillips Antitrust Oil

Phillips 66 Aviation Antirust Oil is specially formulated to help protect aircraft piston engines against rust and corrosion during extended periods of inactivity. Airframe manufacturers have used it for many years as “Fly Away Oil” for new or rebuilt aircraft engines that are expected to sit idle for extended periods of time. Aviation Antirust Oil can be used as a “break-in oil” where an all mineral oil is desired and is particularly suited for situations where the engine to be broken in may not be immediately put into regular service.

When preparing an aircraft for storage, change oil using Aviation Antirust Oil as the fresh oil change. Start the aircraft engine and warm up to normal operating temperature prior to aircraft storage to ensure new oil is fully circulated throughout the engine and allowed to coat all engine parts. For best results, fly the aircraft prior to storage.

Technical Data
Download Technical Sheet for PHILLIPS-ANTIRUST-OIL