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Castrol Aeroplex AI

Castrol Aeroplex™ AI is a smooth, buttery, light brown grease with exceptionally good low and high temperature properties. It consists of a synthetic ester base stock, inorganic thickener, and additives which
impart resistance to oxidation and moisture and which improve load carrying capacity under extreme pressures.

Castrol Aeroplex™ AI is intended for general use in ball, roller and needle bearings, gears and on sliding and rolling surfaces of equipment, such as instruments, cameras, electronic gear, and aircraft control systems. It is particularly suitable for equipment which must operate at both low and high temperatures. Its extremely low volatility helps
prevent oil fogging in optical instruments. Castrol Aeroplex™ AI is also excellent for general use on aircraft gears, actuator screws, and other equipment requiring a lubricant with high load carrying capacity.

Technical Data
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